CBC’s Rosemary Barton profiled our campaign on The National’s “In Depth” program

It’s not exactly “fake news” to say that Conservatives are generally suspicious of the CBC – even more so since the Trudeau Liberals gave them an extra billion or so to spend every year.

However, check out this 7-minute video from Tuesday night’s broadcast of The National (which you may have missed in the back-to-school rush). It includes some scenes from our campaign office and Stella meeting voters.


I think our team came off pretty well, especially our volunteer-filled campaign headquarters and Stella’s positive interactions with voters. She even had a good rapport with Rosemary Barton, but then Stella gets along with anyone and everyone.

Though the story’s angle seemed to be that the provincial government will be a factor in the federal campaign, it ended up with only mild support for that theory. As Rosemary Barton says in the video, “Not everyone thinks of Doug Ford when they think of Andrew Scheer, and the Conservatives like Stella Ambler will work hard to prove that over the coming weeks.”

That’s absolutely right. This election will be about Justin Trudeau’s four years in power, and Andrew Scheer’s real plan to help Canadians get ahead. Oh, and Stella will be working very hard to let every voter in Mississauga—Lakeshore know it.