About Us

About our Riding

Our Electoral District Association (EDA) is committed to attracting people with shared values, preparing for the next federal election, and helping our candidate with the next federal election. These are some of the things we do to those ends:

  • We build or acquire the material things to help our candidate win,
  • We find and recruit the best set of individuals to seek the nomination of our EDA for the next election,
  • We provide all the support to the winning candidate so that she or he can go on to win the next election; and,
  • We find, recruit and mentor the next generation of supporters, so that they can take the reins when we move on.

Join Us

Between elections, we run quarterly meetings and host other events. Whether figuring out our next steps, or sitting back and enjoying each other's company at the local pub, we host regular events for Conservatives in the area to mingle and get to know one and other.  You should come be part of those, and all you need to do is to get a membership in the Conservative Party.


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